Youth Sports in Western New York

Sports are a significant part of my life year round. I started playing t-ball (three decades ago) when I was 6 years old. I’m still active, on occasion, through softball (at which I’m not too bad) and golf (at which I am too bad). I started coaching baseball (sporadically) before I had children of my own. Now (often) I coach them.

Having moved to the Buffalo area just over 10 years ago, I am still relatively new to the Western New York youth sports scene. In any event, I’m sure youth sports here have changed significantly from when I was kid.

House leagues. District teams. Travel leagues. Camps. Clinics. Whoa, this is serious stuff. Not just get your mitt out after a nine month hiatus and hit the local baseball diamond.


I’ve realized that it is going to take some effort to better understand how to best guide my children through their athletic pursuits, at least as long as they remain eager to pursue them. Through this blog, I will try to share what I discover. Maybe someone out there will find it helpful to them too!


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